The Learning Counsel is a research institute and news media hub, focused on providing context for education’s transition to digital.

There are many opportunities through events, industry publications and online promotions for your company to work with the Learning Counsel and reach our leadership audience and share information about your products or services.


With 30 or more live executive and now 60+ virtual events across the nation since 2014, Learning Counsel is more richly connected with K12 leaders than any other ed-tech media organization. Our evidence is the most lead generation and engagement of any media organization.

REGIONAL EVENTS –Targeted into specific geographic areas with either virtual or live formats.

National in scope with single-sponsor option and select panels of administrators.

EDUJEDI LEADERSHIP SOCIETY WORKING MEETINGS –These working meetings center on the standards, model or definitions found in the EduJedi Dictionary.

PODCASTS –Custom or advertising options on regularly scheduled interview-style podcasts.

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“LeiLani works very hard to make this happen, but I know that it wouldn’t happen without the sponsors. More importantly, right now on my cellphone, I’m sure that I have about twenty-five vendors that emailed me that aren’t even in this room. So what this does for me is give a little snap-shot of variations of what they have to offer and I can start prioritizing who I need to talk to, who I may have interest in, or who I need to refer to them or they need to be referred to in my district -- which saves me hours and hours of valuable time rather than spending an hour with each one of them and then it was not a match and wasted their time as well as mine.

And as much as I would love to incorporate many of the solutions that they offer, the reality is I can’t. I don’t have the resources for that. So, I have to be very, very careful and I turn away a lot of wonderful, wonderful products. It’s just because I had to commit to certain things, and I have to turn other things down. My favorite thing is that we do have very deep conversation and we have a deep presentation of whatever that topic is this year. I’m glad that the topic changes (each year), and what the topic is doing is moving us forward every single year. Last year we had a conversation and it went very deep into data analytics and for me, I thought I really need to do a lot more studying, because I think that sometimes I come to this event thinking I’ve got a fairly good handle and understanding and then I walk away feeling very challenged.”

- - - - - - Mike Mattingly, Assistant Superintendent, Denton Independent School District


beplay官网电脑版学习顾问媒体创造一些最fluential whitepapers and special reports in the industry.


The annual Digital Transition Survey is the most comprehensive review of the budgets, install, purchase intent and motivations in the industry. Sponsor this survey and the annual Awards event for top school and districts profiled out of the Survey each year who attain new Levels in the EduJedi.

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This new social media site is the home of the EduJedi Leadership Society online training, an emerging marketplace, and new development of a hybrid logistics exchange for all schools to use.Learn more.


With more than 400 member schools and districts, this group is active in the ongoing work to bring increasing basic education on all things ed-tech and pioneering a better vision of transformation.Learn more.

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